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Myths and questions

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Almighty Rob - mourning the old h2g2

Just a couple of points that I remember from my Australian history class:

The ultimate goal of the ANZAC mission was to raze Constantinople (I think it was this, but I'm probably wrong - geogs is not a strong point), by burning it to the ground. It is the largest wooden city in the world, and the civilian casualties would have been immense.

The myth created by the movie, Galipoli, that the order to charge was given by a Brit is false - the command was given by an Australian officer. This is directorial license at its worst - creating a xenophobia and directly contradicting historical fact.

Cheers, Rob.

Myths and questions

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Keith Miller yes that Keith Miller

Complete and utter tosh, pure and simple.
Seeing as this is an old entry I will desist from further comment and it's not a fair debate this removed in time from the original comment.

Gallipoli in all it's shades takes more than a thread reply and dare I say it, more than a rather generic Guide Entry on a subject that is close to all Australian's bones and is also rather well researched these days.
No longer relying on a Colonial outlook that always looked over a shoulder at the 'Home Country'.

Hmmm, perhaps it does indeed need updating.

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