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Baron Grim

I can't find anything to substantiate this, but It looks like someone involved with Futurama is a fan of HHGttG!

In the opening credits as the Planet express ship zooms through the skyline of New New York at one point a sign can be seen neer the lower left corner of the screen displaying the number '42'!!!

All of the other signs I could see reference things in the show, such as Slurm, Bachelor Chow, the Sexatorium, Def Con owl poison, Mom's Robot Oil, etc. But there's that 42 all by itself (a little obscured by foreground objects).

42 also popped up in the Globetrotters episode as the 'Trotters score as halftime. That I could write off as coincidence. But that 42 in the opening credits I think is a nod to Douglas Adams. smiley - towel


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Baron Grim

I took a closer look last night and saw that it's a parking garage sign. The price is $42. I don't think it's a coincidence.


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theres lots of other hhgg references too. For instance in the 1st episode the only thing fry manages to do on the ship is make a cup of tea. Thats just one thing, theres lots more i really dont feel like listing right now, like how several characters relate to characters form hhgg. But someone involved in creating that show (matt groening? david x cohen?) was defintley a hhgg fan.
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