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I love Futurama, and even though it's nearly impossible for us Dutchies to really watch it (they show it only three times a week at the ungodly hour of 7 am), it's one of my favourite cartoons.

What I really like about it are the injokes. For example, Leela's voice is done by the same gal who plays Peggy Bundy (thanks for this info btw, I would never have noticed the injoke otherwise smiley - biggrin ). There's this wonderful ep where she meets a guy named Alcazar ("please, call me Al"), and, well... I think MwC fans can imagine how the rest of the ep went. smiley - cool

And of course, there's NOTHING like hearing John DiMaggio's voice, coming from a 'sacriligious machina'. For those of you who haven't played FFX: in this game, DiMaggio voices an overly religious guy named Wakka, who basically goes into hysterics every time someone uses a machine... while in Futurama, he's the voice actor of Bender the robot!

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Those little things...

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