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Urgent- What "is" U.S. President Bush's plan for the Iraqi people?

On TV, President Bush said that "it is important for every Americian to understand his plan for the Iraqi people". I hope it is equally important for every Canadian and every other global citizen to understand it, because I have requested a copy of "his plan" from both the US President himself and my Prime Minister in Canada.

I would like to weigh it for my self to ensure that "his" plan is indeed the "right" plan for the Iraqi people.

As a good global citizen, it is my responsibility to ask and my right to know.

I want to ensure that his plan has:

Unified their nation
Balanced their nation's budget
Created unbreakable consumer confidence
Eraticated poverty
Made their communities safe and almost crime free
Eliminated raceism
Ended corporate greed and political coruption
Settled international trade disputes
Solved the Middle East Crisis
and created world peace.

If his plan doesn't, my plan does and that was easy.

I simply took their best interest to heart and in valueing them as citizens, I wrote "A recipe for their nation, but you are the most important ingrediant.

I have sent this to a variety of news agencies, but no one has picked it up.

The future of the Middle East and world peace is at stake.

Shouldn't every voice be heard?

If anyone says, somebody should do something about that, I wanted to let you know, someone did.

Thank you for listening,

Teresa Parker
[email protected]
That was the letter. Just incase it doesn't catch the President's Interest or the Prime Minister's interest, I sent it to every political party in Canada, the United States and England.

Housewife theroy- When you care about something, cover it with a good blanket.
Here is a copy of "Their" recipe, you will notice it looks a lot like "our" recipe.
A Recipe For Their Nation

The End Product
A political system everyone understands where every person feels equally represented.
A fair and easy flat tax system where everyone pays equally.
A balanced budget that takes care of all of their priorities.
An accountable government and an even distribution of wealth.

The Ingredients
A political system they all understand, where every state is divided into an equal number of regions and they help elect their President, their State Representitive, and their regional representitive; then save time and money by holding all of the elections at the same time.

A fair and easy tax system, based entirely on 5 taxes; where every person pays equally through a flat personal income tax and a flat retail sales tax, every business pays equally with a flat business profit tax, and every industry pays equally with a flat import or export tax.

An equal justice system, where the convicted work off the value of their crime through volunteering in their own infrastructure system or for a non-profit or charitable organization.

A plan to eradicate poverty by eliminating it's root causes.

Whip Up
A free national childcare plan that utilizes their own resources by turning their unused spaces into nurseries, daycares & elder care centers.

An efficient national charity/recycling program co-coordinated on a national, state and regional basis with charities efficiently picking up and delivering charitable and recycle goods, providing both a needed service and job training programs, then have them act as a vital part of their emergency preparedness plan, as they would already be established in every region of their nation and already assisting in the pick up and delivery of charitable goods.

You should have a good consistency
A cohesive, unified nation, with a strong sense of identity and purpose.
A representative government, where every state, every region and every citizen is equally represented.

A political system that puts them in charge of their dough.

Stir in some controversy (for good measure)
Can anyone feel equally represented in a political system where every state has a different number of regions or representitives? Every state, every industry, every business and every citizen pays a different amount of tax. Their state and their priorities are neither equally represented nor equally funded and they are not equally represented nor equally funded?

Can anyone feel confident in a political system where politicians meet to ague their own point of view or that of their political party, pass laws and resolution only they have voted on and they decide where the money goes and create the B.S. (beuratratic system) for them to try and get their money back?

It is illegal for a business to charge "loan shark" rates of interest, yet it is legal for most governments to "single out" any business, industry or product with a sales tax that is far in excess of the norm.

Can a nation be unified if it's citizens don't understand the political or legal system and they feel like they have no say in whats going on?

Can one person make a difference?

Zest it up (with a bit of resolve)

One nation worth standing for.
One nation, divided by equality.

Divide their dough into equal portions and roll it out evenly
Help them determine their 10 national priorities, then encourage them to spend 10% of their budget on each, because all of their priorities are equally important.

Encourage them to equally support and investment in all of their major industries, as well as equally supporting and investmenting in their up and comming businesses.

Establish an even distribution of wealth back to every state, region and citizen for their own priorities.

Help them mold our nation by encourging them to nominate and vote for a regional representative, a State Representitive and a President who will represent them and their
priorities, address them in a way worthy to earn their vote and take their votes and their issues to their government's round table.

Help them establish a co-operative government system where their priorities are funded on a national, state and regional basis, enabling all
levels of government to work together toward their priorities.

Help them establish an accountable government, where their President is accountable to every State representitive, who is accountable to every Regional Representative, who is accountable to every citizen.

Fill it with:

A sense of hope.
A sense of identity.
A sense of pride.
A sense of purpose.
A sense of determination.
A sense of humor.

Cover every priority, industry, state, region and citizen evenly.

Sprinkle (with curiosity)
Homefree housing- A house that cost $0 to build, being run as a co-operative that is designed to financially break even, will turn a profit every time a senior or disabled person moves in, and it gives working families a way to live rent free, or get their money back.

Why 10% = 0 and how to build their nation on 10%.

Put an honest politician in it's place

Political nominations based on personal merit and the candidates ability to address the concerns of the people in their riding.

Self supporting candidates and political parties, financially responsible for their own fundraising, not tax payer dollars.

Anonymous political donations ensures their right to financially back the political party of their choice, without fear of prosecution.

Anonymous political donations can not buy political favor.

Anonymous bids on government contracts will ensure that their government can not grant political favor.

Its finished
When it is half backed, it is actually well done.

The product
A representative government, passing the laws and resolutions that they, as nation, have already determined and voted on.

Iraq will be a citizenship, run by consensus and they as a nation will determine their future.

As their priorities change, so to will the responsibility of their government and the direction of their money.

Safe guard "public" things so they are available to the "whole public" free of charge. (free public libraries, free public education, free national, state and city parks etc.).

Help establish an accountable government, where their President is accountable to every State Representive, who is accountable to every regional representative, who is accountable to every citizen.

Help them create a simplified tax collection and distribution system, where the burden and the benefit is equally shared by all.

A simplified tax distribution system with equal support of their national priorities, on a national, state and regional basis, equal support and investment in their industries, and an even distribution of wealth back to every state, region and citizen for their own priorities.

Every taxpayer, every citizen, and every consumer will know exactly where their tax money is coming from and where it is going.
(Giving rise to unbreakable consumer confidence)

When they, as citizens are accountable, then they will have an accountable government.

Each citizen is the most important ingredient in this recipe.

Every citizen is a piece of a bigger pie.

Garnish (with truths)
A streamlined election process would save money.
A streamlined political system would save money.
A streamlined tax collection system would save money.
A streamlined tax distribution system would save money.
It makes cents.

Feeds a nation (equally)

Now, ask yourself, is President Bush's plan the "right" plan? If you want to know, ask him and find out. His web address is

If you want to ask our Prime Minister if he has explored every option, his email address is:

[email protected]

My book "What one person could do, she did" is available free on the Internet at:

I did what I could do, the rest is up to you.

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Tangible Peace Plan

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