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OB1 Knordic - The Empire strikes back(c)

I think I still have my game manual somewhere, for some reason I never got around to playing but still loved reading the manual. So funny.

Always trying to find an online version or find a group of 30 somethings to play the game.


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Caveman, Evil Unix Sysadmin, betting shop operative, and SuDoku addict (Its an odd mix, but someone has to do it)

Incase you're still about, we have a mailing list going at Yahoo Groups. Look for Paranoia, and by all means join in. (Standard disclaimer applies). Don't forget to follow the instructions in the pre-approval mail if you decide to join us.
Currently, the group are discussing the upcoming Paranoia XP release, and generally helping people out who are confused by the highly treasonous and nonexistent fifth edition of the rulebook.

Personally, I play a mix of mainly second, with some first edition idiocy thrown in for good measure. Due to the short life span of players, I have written a character generator which actually gives the players a chance of an ultraviolet security clearance. This is known as the Consice Citizen Criteria Profiler (or CCCP for short). One day I may even release it. (C compiler required)

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