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what is focus

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I am writing a paper for a karate class I am taking and I was wondering if anyone could tell me about focus.

what is focus

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I can only give you my view of focus. It is pouring ones entire being into the action without seeing physics as perceiving them will hinder your power. It is not just striking with all your energy in your fist and seeing what you can do. you must understand intention and strike with complete confidence. focus your energy in your hara and drive your power through to your fist. Make sure you dont tense up though, this will stop movement forward, tense enough to withstand the impact but dont tense uneccessary muscles. Other than this I can only recommend the master work, The Heart Of Karate-Do and the essays on this site, though focus is a mental state and a feeling, no-one can show you HOW to focus. Hope this helps, Kieran, Shotokan Karate England.

what is focus

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This site, www.Shotokai.com, is what i meant, there are no real essays on the topic here.

what is focus

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Focus = Kime

Ki = Energy(well sort of, better thought of as vital life force) also known as Chi as in Tai-Chi and as Prana in the practice of Yoga

Kime is the focus of this force, it's not just a case of tensing the body to one point it is also about the unimpeded flow of Ki to that one point. Control of breathing is of prime importance to this as the breath directs the Ki. The ability to focus must be accomplished with the ability to release, in other words relax otherwise the Ki becomes stagnent and disconnected to the whole. So to understand Kime you must practice how to relax and breathe, then through practice of what you do(not just martial arts) you develop through experience the ability to direct your Ki.

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