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Styles - namely shotokan

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Lenny (Lynette)

a great intro to karate but I felt there should be an addendum about style. I have been practising Shotokan karate for some time now and its apparent there are one or two things diffferent to other forms which ought to be specified.

Shotokan has a greater number of belts:
brown and 2 whites

Maybe I'm just being picky but I'm part way through this system with a while to go before black. It seems miles away!

Also, all practitioners of karate are beginners until they reach black. That is when (apparently) you start to really learn. In Japan they don't bother with coloured belts and everyone is white until they reach black standard.

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Styles - namely shotokan

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Researcher 199942

Actually they do have coloured belts in Japan. In fact I think it was based on the Judo system of belts in an effort to "Japanify" karate when it was brought to Japan at the beginning of the 20th Century. What you might mean is that they didn't have coloured belts in Okinawa before it was brought to Japan.

Styles - namely shotokan

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Researcher 210147

Actually, Even with shotokan and the various schools and sub styles the belt structure changes.

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