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Sorry I didn't reply earlier....

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Demon Drawer

.....I had to rush off to the travel agent as soon as I knew. smiley - winkeye

Sorry I didn't reply earlier....

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That's okay, DD, thanks for dropping by anyway smiley - winkeye
BTW - the original is here:
and it included the addresses of who to get in contact with if you wanted to book tickets - as that sort of thing is useful, yet they were all removed. I'd like to know why. Afterall, surely if h2g2 aims to become something where you are told what the best pubs are and how to get to them etc, as http://www.h2g2.com/A281486 suggests, that sort of information would be needed, really.
I can understand a no-advertising policy, but why include links to Amazon.com in a Magical Mystery Tour page when that's not neccesary, yet remove information about who to contact to get to the Island in an article on getting to the Island? Sorry for a rant, but it makes no sense to me. smiley - sadface

But thanks for dropping by. smiley - smiley

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Sorry I didn't reply earlier....

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