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Sausages etc.

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A recent article in a British magazine described St. Gallen as 'a town that's famous for nothing, even within Switzerland.' This is NOT TRUE. Below are the four main things the typical Swiss person associates with St. Gallen.
1. Sausages. St. Gallen is the home of the Olma-Bratwurst, which to me tastes more or less like any other Bratwurst, but is a little bit bigger. An insulting term commonly used to refer to St. Galleners is 'Wurstfresser'. The OLMA sausages were originally made to be sold at ...
2. The Olma festival. A beer-and-sausage festival, similar to the much bigger 'Oktoberfest' in Munich and held at more or less the same time of the year, i.e. Autumn. Like its Munich equivalent, the original idea of the festival was to give farmers, at the end of the agricultural year, a chance to sell their produce, meet other farmers and get absolutely wrecked.
3. Football. FC St. Gallen was one of the first football clubs to be founded outside the UK, dating from 1879. Until last year, however, it was notable only for 120 years of monumental under-achievement. But, last season, they finally won the Swiss Championship. Consequently, the whole town is suddenly full of 'life-long' FCSG fans (who, strangely, never seemed to go to games when the team was useless.) You can recognise them by the bright green wigs they often wear. (Green and white are the team's colours.)
4. Crime. I don't know why, but just about every spectacular case, which reaches the Swiss national news and causes 'National Outrage' for a few days, seems to come out of the Kanton of St. Gallen. Juvenile crime a speciality.

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Sausages etc.

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