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Pushing back the boundaries

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I was a fan of Kenny from way back, in fact as far back as Radio London, the pirate ship that is. One of the things that I loved about him was the way that he always pushed at the boundaries of what he could do (does that make sense??).
During his early days this took the form of the sheer amount of work he put into his radio show. While most DJs were quite content to turn up, speak a bit between records and then go again, Kenny would create multi-layered jingles that must have taken hours to prepare. Later on he started his radio cartoon Captain Kremmen (also turned into a real cartoon for his TV show). Again this demonstrated his uniqueness in radio. Despite many imitators (anyone remember Adrian Juste? No? Thought not!) he was never equalled for hard work and professionalism. Nor was there ever a DJ with his wit. Chris Moyles? Don't make me laugh - something that Chris Moyles has never acheived.
I leave you with a quote from Captain Kremmen, which escaped the censor -

Kremmen's superior officer:"I'm a Country member"
Kremmen: "OK I'll remember"

Pushing back the boundaries

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Researcher 212000

I hope someone reads this post and starts making waves to get Kanny Everett on BBC7.

I am a Brit who's been in the US for 4 years. I'm 38 so remember Kenny Everett so fondly. My kids are 14 and 15 and they would absolutely love it.

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Pushing back the boundaries

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