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The Return Of Dave Allen

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my wife and I have wrote in an E-mail to the BBC, explaining our intense appreciation for the Late Dave Allen. Included in our E-Mail, we have begged for Dave Allen to return to our screens repeating ALL of his material that they have from the King of Comedy.

I was amazed to receive a personal reply from the BBC explaining that my E-Mail has been sent to all the managers and the scheduling personel in anticipation of seeing what they can do.

So I ask of all of you Likewise followers of "THE ONE AND ONLY KING OF COMEDY"... please show your support in our request for Mr Dave Allen to return to our TV Screens so that we all too can go to our graves "laughing"!!!! smiley - laughStart sending in your E-Mails to the BBC!!!

Dave,.. We all miss you. smiley - wahBut I have no doubt that you have got them all up there, (including my daughter), Pi**ing themselves with laughter. See you when I get there!smiley - cheers

The Return Of Dave Allen

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Good for you for doing that! I`m not always the biggest fan of the BBC, but they do actually seem to be aware that alot alot of people have alot of love for Dave Allen - more so than for any other comedian. Repeats are actually in the hands of his family, as they hold the copyright, but they seem willing for it to happen, and, apparently, there are more on the way.

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The Return Of Dave Allen

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