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Fabric Softener Don'ts

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Most of this instructional will be devoted to the illicit uses of fabric softeners, but first I'd like to begin with a warning.

Don't use just any fabric softener. Some of you (like myself) will find that some brands of fabric softener may cause adverse skin reactions. I haven't found a pattern to this, but I have experienced rashes caused by this phenomena. Be careful when selecting your softener.

Don't store anything smokable in fabric softener sheets. The flavor of the softener transfers easily, and you'll find yourself smoking the most unpleasant 'smokable' ever. It is strongly advised that you only use fabric softeners to cover the smell -after- smoking (such as blowing the smoke through the sheet). Do not attempt to store roaches, baggies, drying plants, pipes, or other paraphernalia in the sheets.

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Fabric Softener Don'ts

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