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You don't have a steam iron?

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Was chucking your ironing in the tumble drier just to make it up to 42?smiley - winkeye
Subsiduary rules
Don't iron anything that doesn't show.
Choose fabrics that will drip dry.
Send the whole lot to the Chinese laundry. The one round the corner does a load from start to finish in 3 hours and will deliver for an extra dollar. smiley - starsmiley - star

You don't have a steam iron?

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I agree some household tips are a bit silly by nature, but I think this one could prove useful. Have you ever tried ironing a linen table-cloth that's gone completely dry? Even a steam iron isn't good enough. Some tips are the sort that you file away as bizarre, and then once or twice in your life they come to your rescue.

Like one I read about putting plastic bags over your shoes if you have to go out in a wet or muddy garden when you're dressed up for a big occasion. And another about putting anything that needs ironing - if you're stuck without an iron - under your mattress and sleeping on it. I suspect this tip doesn't work if your bed base has slats, however! smiley - erm

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You don't have a steam iron?

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