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Late Eating in Poole

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Global Village Idiot

When I lived in Bournemouth there was a late food place called the Night Owl which served wonderfully greasy burgers and kebabs into the small hours. It was opposite Branksome station.

There was also a fine kebab van which I passed on my way home from Tower Park towards Wallisdown - memory fails me on the road name - but it was just along from Majestic Motors (in those days the UK's only Maserati dealership).

If I remember more I'll post it here.

Late Eating in Poole

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Darth Trousers

Hi, Darth Trousers here. The Night Owl is still there and it's still as greasy as ever! But if you're after takeaway food in this part of Poole, Ashley Road is the place to go - it would be quite feasable to do a 'takaway crawl' along this stretch...

Late Eating in Poole

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The Road is Wallisdown Road.
As this reply is 87 light-years after the thing it's replying to, I doubt it matters. And now I've forgotten the jist, in any case.

Sadly the vehicular nourishment jobby is no-longer in this location, the service Road (alongside Wallisdown Road) where it sat into the wee baby hours remains, but policed by asparagus-wielding crabs, who will stop all but seafood eateries in this area after midnight.

As no seafood eateries were (or are) interested in this PITCH, the only food available now is from the BP garage (where Wallisdown Road meets Ringwood Road)- which has also become a purveyor of alcaholic beverages.

Nice, with a Mars bar.smiley - cheers

Late Eating in Poole

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Global Village Idiot

Reminds me of German service stations, which don't sell milk but do sell beer.

I always thought that came into the category of "mixed messages".

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