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That was me, that was

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Mark Moxon

Hi there.

For those with an eye for trivia, I edited Acorn User (the best selling RISC OS magazine in the world - at least, it was then) between 1993 and 1995. In fact I was an Acorn journalist from 1991 to 1995, financed my 1995-1998 jaunt round the world by writing articles about the Acorn market in Australia and New Zealand, and edited RISC User (a RISC OS subscription magazine, now sadly defunct) from the end of 1998 to the turn of the millennium.

And in TDV there are seven members of staff who used to work in the Acorn market. I won't spill the beans, in case they're camera shy...


That was me, that was

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So I gather...

*glows with associative pride*

26199 (wondering vaguely whether he used the right term there)

That was me, that was

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Researcher 103882

There! See! If it hadn't been for RISC OS, there would have been /no/ H2G2. Sort of. Well, it wouldn't be so well edited, anyway.

That was me, that was

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Jim Lynn

OK, I confess:

Wordwise Plus
Spellmaster (also on the Z88)

I had a hand in all of these products. For my sins.

That was me, that was

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The 'Impression Publisher' that we had at highschool?


That was me, that was

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Jim Lynn

That's the one.

That was me, that was

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Neat smiley - smiley

I did a DTP course using the very same program. Grin, I actually have some sort of qualification...


That was me, that was

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I cannot resist pointing out my favourite piece of CC trivia:

The 'little brother' to Impression Publisher was called "Impression Style".

This name is an anagram of "Pointless Misery".


PS. And of course...

Acorn Computers => Crap On Customer
Computer Concepts => Creep Not To PC Scum

That was me, that was

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Ah, Impression Publisher. I spend most of my days using QuarkXPress and (increasingly) InDesign.

I still miss Impression though. It still does things that they won't - multiple page sizes in the same document (no need for Quark 6's 'project' system) and well organised chapters (no need for the horribly clunky 'books'). No clunkily separate paragraph and character styles, a brilliant contents/indexing system that you don't have to shell out on Xtensions for.


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