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Cenuij Mu, Thingite Farmer of Seamonkeys, Friend, Desires to become a fanatical title collector [(-1+9)+((5+1)*7)-8=42]

Upon joining this site, I simply needed to see if there was a RISC OS entry - and indeed would have written one if there wasn't.

Search the web for an emulator named RedSquirrel, the URL for which I currently can't remember. It'll happily run RISC OS versions 2 to 3.7, ROMs for which *are* available online, but *shouldn't really* be downloaded unless you own them. It is also possible to transfer ROMs from a real Acorn (again, search online for the procedure), and I have done this myself.

The emulator runs anything and everything, in my experience. There's a commercial version available too, as you'll no doubt discover on the RedSquirrel site - although personally I have a fast enough machine to run the free version at full speed smiley - smiley

Oh, and for all Lemmings fans - the Acorn version is DEFINITIVE.

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