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I'm a believer (ouch!)

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You know you're getting old when you end up doing a h2g2 search for 'back pain'! Anyway, I'm glad that it brought me here, because this Entry made very interesting reading. I think I may have just demonstrated the truth of Mr Alexander's theories, in a rather painful manner. smiley - injured

Earlier this week, I somehow managed to twist my left foot. I probably just trod awkwardly somewhere. Anyway, I ended up with what felt like a very tender tendon in there somewhere.

With a bit of massage, my foot was soon on the mend. But while it was sore, I was limping and putting all of my considerable weight on the right side of my body.

Now, my foot's fine, but I've got an agonizing pain in the right-hand side of my lower back! smiley - sadface It would make perfect sense for that to have been caused by unbalanced weight distribution while I was limping. The good thing about that, I guess, is that as I'm now walking normally again, the back trouble should clear up.

In the meantime, I'll just take care to sit up straight in my armchair, with a cushion supporting my back. Because, of course, classical guitarists aren't the only people who sit hunched over their instruments. Computer users often do that too.

(Goes to make smiley - coffee to wash down painkillers).

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I'm a believer (ouch!)

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