A Conversation for Manicheism, Catharism and the Heresy of the Free Spirit


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That's certainly clarified that for me.


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It's clear? Damn smiley - smiley

Q: Whence have you come?
A: I come from nowhere.
Q: Tell me, what are you?
A: I am not.
Q: What do you wish?
A: I do not wish?
Q: Tell me, what is your name?
A: I am called Nameless Wildness.
Q: Where does your insight lead into?
A: Into untrammelled freedom.


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You got it - *grin*


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Well ... it covers a lot of ground. I get the feeling that there are gaps, and maybe that's unavoidable. Manicheism went to China, for instance, and Sufism went to India and Indonesia, not to mention West Africa below the Arabic-speaking Maghreb.

Spinoza is worth a line or two.

I think it's a stretch to tack Nietzsche and the '60s on there at the end. Is there really a connection worth pointing out?

All in all, I like what's here. I'm hoping you'll add to it. smiley - smiley

the free-spirit / anarchist link

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Circle Alpha

that was cool, I've been looking for info on the free sirit movement for a while but haven't found much. What sources did you use? Id like to take a bit deeper look.

-an anarchist digging for roots-

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