A Conversation for Manicheism, Catharism and the Heresy of the Free Spirit


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you've pretty much sidestepped the central tenants of the Cathars. A better description would be:
A dualistic medevil heresy primarily found in Languedoc(whats now Southern France). It held that the universe was created by two equal but opposite Gods. One was Rex Mundi(king of the world) who created the physical reality and is the God of the Old Testament. The other is the God of the New Testament and the creator of the spiritual. As such they held that the material was inherently corrupt and evil and that only through denying it could mankind ever escape sin. The point that made them probably the most heretical was there contention that Jesus was in fact purely spirit and as such not only did not die on the cross but was completely capable of suffering any form of physical death. Ultamitely they continued there teachings until the 14th century when the Alberginian Crusade hunted down and killed most of the members.

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