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cats and " the rips"

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as cats do not bump but scratch and scatter they push papers off desks and throw hair at furniture... and sometimes.. if they are not cairful they get "the rips", awful thing "the rips" hard to get rid of ... you do know what it is dont you, a form of a Brain Fart, it occures when your house cat becomes over come with excitment they are about to burst,( and they may if you dont get a fold of it fast )

The slightest noise caould trigger this insanity... you see the cats head shake with excitment as they feel a rush throughout there entire body... and there off.. flying threw the house jumping off things, skidding around corners knocking over appliances... slamming into the wall then turning around and doing it agien

i think it has to do with the fact there so close to the ground ..

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cats and " the rips"

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