A Conversation for Goldfish in the Dorms

Top tips from some one who has had the same fish for 14 years!

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I love my goldfish - I even I have a hospital tank for them where I nurse them back to health. Here are a few top tips!!

1) Do not feed your fish more then twice a day and only as much as they will eat within a few minutes. Goldfish are greedy and are healthier lean. Once a week feed them live food - daphnia (water fleas) are ideal. It keeps them regular and they love chasing the little blighters around.

2) When you clean them out, do not refill the tank with tap water and dump the fish straight in. They might look faster and have their fins held taught but that is because the chemicals in the water are in burning them. It is roughly equivalent to you being immersed in a bath of acid. You can buy treatments for the water at your pet shop. A cheaper alternative is to fill a bucket with water and leave it over night. This will give the chemicals time to disperse and the water to age. Clean the tank and then add the aged water.


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Top tips from some one who has had the same fish for 14 years!

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