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I could have sworn...

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Sho - employed again!

that you had a bit about decorating your Crocs, but I guess that will be an entry on its own?

smiley - applause
I smiley - love my crocs (red, with holes, with decorations) because although I adored my Birkenstocks, they couldn't be disinfected and once you have had a verucca they are very very difficult to avoid - unless you can thoroughly clean your footwear.

As an aside: smiley - chef is horrified at the idea of these as kitchen footwear. Yes, non-slip is good, but they don't offer any protection against heavy (and hot) pots falling on feet. (mind you, other cooks of his acquaintance wear anything from sneakers to flip-flops in the kitchen smiley - yikes - unless it's his kitchen where everything but non-slip, steel-toecapped boots are out of the question)

I could have sworn...

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It's there, at the bottom.

Great article, Beatrice.

I could have sworn...

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Emee, out from under the rock

I smiley - love my Crocs too - black, no decorations but agree that in the kitchen, Docs are preferable to Crocs, regardless of what Mario Batali says.

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