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A trip down memory lane

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What a day it was. I'd had several months of lessons and the big day came, my driving test. All test routes from the Swindon test centre take in this particular beast, thankfully for a learner it's usually a single junction to the left (taking the flow around the outside of the roundabout). As I'd been primed on this by my instructor it caused no great fear (unlike the first time he said take the next right when we aproached the roundabout smiley - yikes).
Still travelling across it with friends from out of town was a scary experience.

A trip down memory lane

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I first experienced TMR as a coach passenger. It was entirely as scary as the entry suggests. So much so that I have not yet (after 18 months) ventured into Swindon by car!

A trip down memory lane

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I had a couple of driving lessons in Nottingham in the early eighties, before I ever drove in Swindon, and I'm sure there was an arrangement of 2 magic-roundabouts next to each other somewhere in the road system. The instructor just talked me through it one car length at a time.

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