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Euchre variations

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It's also a big game in parts of the United Kingdom, particularly in Cornwall, but I have seen euchre leagues in Hampshire pubs, and occasionally in South Wales. Scoring is often done using 2 playing cards - in games up to 15 points (very common) a 7 and 8 are used on top of each other; the number of spots showing equals points.

I have also seen crib boards used for marking.

In the UK (and possibly elsewhere) the game is played with the addition of the 2 of spades - this is the boss card called the Benny, (could this be derived from Bene?)

If the Benny is the turn up card, there are a number of local variations on what happens next:

Dealer must go in spades.
Non dealers must go alone.
Non dealers must go in spades first time round, or any other suit alone next time round.
Anyone can go, but dealer picks up Benny.

Euchre variations

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If you're ever playing in southeast Michigan and wondering what everybody means when they start the debate over whether to play 'screw the dealer' or not, it's over whether or not the dealer has to call suit the second time around. Just thought you should know.

Euchre variations

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so would the "benny" be the highest card?

Euchre variations

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Euchre is played in the Medway towns [ Rochester,Chatham,Gillingham,Rainham,Strood ] Kent, SE England . Here the Benny is often the joker and the dealer who turned it up has to name a suit without looking at his/her cards . Then it goes round to see if anybody wants to order it up . If the dealer's partner orders it up they have to 'go alone' . This rule also applies with any card turned up by the dealer .
I was under the impression that euchre was introduced into this country by french prisoners of war , kept in hulks in her majersty's dockyards , hence its popularity in Chatham and Plymouth .
It is a fine game and highly recomended .smiley - biggrin

Has anybody mentioned perching ?? that is when a player sits with a good hand and fails to call . Waiting for the oposition to call and then uechre'ing them smiley - cool The benny and 4 jacks ie the left and right of all suits is the perfect perching hand . But be prepared to be called a perching bas***d by other players ! If you decide to employ this tactic .

Euchre variations

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I have just spotted another variation . When scoreing we use the 4 and 5 cards from a red and black suit ie . the 4 and 5 of diamonds and the 4 and 5 of clubs . These are placed on the table at one of the players from each teams elbow . They are used to keep the score by placeing one card on top of the other exposing the required number of points . For instance to show 3 points place the 5 card face up on the table and put the 4 card on top of it face down about 3/4 of the way down . There by exposing 3 symbols . Bizzarely 9 points is denoted by placing both cards face down ! you are then ' all buts ' and one point away from victory .
It is easy to spot a euchre card pack in a pub , half the pack will be gruby and dog eared and the other half pristene .
Once again I would like to say what a great game this is .

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