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Currywurst - a German icon

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Hello from Germany,

As an old aborigine from the industrial Ruhr valley near Düsseldorf, I´d like to tell you some news on the Currywurst. In Germany, the Currywurst is a famous icon of German eating habits and the favourite diet of our Bundeskanzler, Mr Schroeder. Originally, it was not created in the industrial Ruhrgebiet but in Berlin, by an old lady who ran a mobile takeaway for wurst about 100 years ago. Nowadays, you can get Currywurst in every single "Imbiss" or, as we say, "Pommesbude", where they serve it with "Pommes" or "Fritten"(both "chips"). They serve it even in Bavaria! Be careful: If you order "Chips", you´ll be given spiced crisps in a plastic bag! In modern-Berlin luxuary takeaways, they serve Currywurst even with champaigne. In the Ruhr valley, the "Currywurst" is more than a dish, it´s a kind of philosophy. The most important thing about it is the tomato- and spice-based sauce(or have I to write gravy??), which differs from takeaway to takeaway. Most Germans eat their Currywursts sliced and with chips. You can order these "ohne alles"(without sauce and just salted), "weiß" or "mit Majo"(white,with majonnaise), "rot"(red, with ketchup)or "rot-weiß"(with both). And if you hear someone order "Pommes Schranke", don´t wonder: "Schranke" is the German word for a barrier at level crossings. "Alles klar?".And one of Germany´s most popular singers, Herbert Groenemeyer, who has been living in London(!) for years, has written a song called "Currywurst" which every child can hum. So, dear British folks, let´s have "ein kühles Blondes"(a cold light Pilsner beer) on those crazy Germans and their crazy new pope!

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Currywurst - a German icon

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