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Beautiful Hamburg

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cosmopolitan snowflake

One of the best descriptions of Germany I have ever read - very insightful smiley - biggrin

And I absolutely agree with everything you wrote about Hamburg. It definitely is the most beautiful city in Germany and worth a visit smiley - winkeyeAnd if you ever visited London you know what to wear in Hamburg (Don't forget the umbrella, though it probably wont help too much, as there is just too much wind). But, contrary to all you may have heard, even the sun can be seen there, once in a while!

And if anybody finds the Olympic village, would you please tell me where it is smiley - smiley

Hamburger for life! (also known as Cosmopolitan Snowflake)

Beautiful Hamburg

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Monsignore Pizzafunghi Bosselese

moi moin! smiley - smiley

Hee hee, you just confirmed the sentence "Every 'Hamburger' thinks Hamburg is the most beautiful town in Germany, maybe in the whole world."

Auf ein smiley - ale ? --> http://www.bbc.co.uk/h2g2/guide/A292448smiley - cheers

Bossel (another Sauerkraut)

Beautiful Hamburg

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I'm visiting Hamburg in July, and since I have bad habits I wonder if anyone can help me with the following queries which will make my stay a blissful one:

what is the best cheap German cigarette brand?
what is the best beer in Hamburg?
what is the best ordinary ie non-trendy bar in Hamburg?
where can you get peasant food like the corned beef hash known I think as Labscaus?
is cannabis (a) available and (b) legal?
where can I meet german ladies who want to take me home with them? (I konow where to meet the men)
smiley - biggrin

Beautiful Hamburg

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Hi! I don't know the answers to everything, but I'll do my very best.

what is the best cheap German cigarette brand?
Go to Aldi.They have cheap cigs but as I don't smoke, I can't tell you how good they are. Never heard they are too bad to smoke, though.

what is the best beer in Hamburg? dunno (By the way, Aldi has beer, too. Not bad really..)
what is the best ordinary ie non-trendy bar in Hamburg? dunno but why don't you visit the "Hamburg" site on the internet. If you have language problems, you can ask me.

where can you get peasant food like the corned beef hash known I think as Labscaus?
Do you really really want to eat that stuff? It's mashed potatoes and corned beef, beetroots and some kind of salty fish gone through a mixer. Sometimes a fried egg sits on top of it. I think you can get it anywhere, especially around the harbour.

is cannabis (a) available and (b) legal? a) yes b) no

where can I meet german ladies who want to take me home with them? (I konow where to meet the men)
Never heard of the Reeperbahn, silly?

Beautiful Hamburg

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Thank you, Wowbaggy. I appreciate it. Hamburg sites on net are pretty thin, which is why I posted here. Aldi don't seem to sell cigs in UK, though Lidl do, but I have tried their beer.

Labscaus: you make it sound less than attractive, but hey, when in Hamburg, do as the Hamburgers do.

My hotel is on the Reeperbahn ( which may be a mistake!)smiley - biggrin

Beautiful Hamburg

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Sorry to spoil Labskaus for you. Just go ahead and try but don't come back and complain... I always go to the friendly Turk for a "Doener Kebab" . Costs about 3,- -3,50 Euros but don't take "scharfe Sauce" = hot spicy sauce or you risk your tongue to fall off.
I would probably do the same and try some strange food when staying in beautiful England. By the way, what's the strangest thing you would serve a German guest??
Oh, and it's not a mistake to take a hotel on the Reeperbahn. All those in-Clubs and restaurants are around there. Just be careful with those sex clubs, half a bottle of champagne can ruin you completely.
After a long night (hope you are still able to walk) go and visit the Fischmarkt (fish market). That's kind of a traditional finish for a Saturday night. It starts 5.00 o'clock on Sunday morning. Bananas and flowers are being thrown and you can buy cheese and fruit and German Wurst and potted plants and.... at good prices.

Beautiful Hamburg

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Since I'm in Scotland I would probably serve you haggis. Ground liver and lights (offal) with oatmeal, traditionally sewn up in a sheep's intestine. Served with mashed potatoes and swede, and a glass of whisky. It's actually one of my favourite meals.

Went to sex club in Amsterdam once, got ripped off for drinks but floorshow was very good (classy even) and hostesses nice and not at all pushy. Won't be going to one in Hamburg though, once is (probably) enough. Not my scene now.

Fischmarkt sounds good but I'm only in Hamburg Tuesday to Friday.

Thanks againsmiley - smiley

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