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Trout Montague

I have unearthed the following facts and figures on baobabs for your entry, if you ever see fit to update it.

A certain Graham Guy has determined a method of determining the age of baobabs, despite their fibrous constituency. It seems that baobab trees do have discernible rings and tests on younger specimens has shown an accuracy of 2%.

Reputedly the world's largest specimen is in the north-eastern Transvaal region (Mpumulanga?) of South Africa. It has a recorded girth of 33.4m when measured at breast height.

One tree at the point where Namibian Caprivi, Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe all meet has been declared a national monument by the government of Botswana. It has been camped under by Selous and Livingstone and its Sisubiya name, 'Mzungula' has begat the name of the town there - Kazungula.

You may wish to acknowledge Mike Main's Zambezi - Journey of a River


Dr Montague Trout

PS I have referred to your page in my entry http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/h2g2/alabaster/A810587

Baobab Trivia

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St. tar-palantir (patron saint of left-handers)

is any of this information suposed to be interesting?


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Trout Montague

This post has been removed.

Baobab Trivia

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St. tar-palantir (patron saint of left-handers)


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