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buying baobab

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i saw the post on how to grow a baobab seed into a tree. But how does one get baobab seeds that will grow.

buying baobab

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One could buy an airplane ticket to Malawi, and nonchalantly make one's way to the Lake, where one might enquire to buy a baobab fruit. Upon obtaining one fruit, one might split the fruit to reveal seeds encrusted with a delicious pulp. One would have to suck this mass of pulp, injesting in the process high quantities of Vitamin C, making one glad that they had flown all the way to Malawi to partake of this exquisite taste. One could then I suppose, nonchalantly of course, fly back to where one came from. If you then happen to find one of these seeds, you could try popping one into a bit of well, drained soil ......... I suppose you know what you would do then.

Or you could try the intranet, or hintranet. You might hit upon some herbarium that might agree to send you some, complete with a Phytosanitary certificate.

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