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baobab tree in India

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Researcher 240431

Last year I travelled in India and when I arrived in Mandu, a medieval town, 98 km from Indore-Madhya Pradesh, I was very surprised to find many baobab trees. Old baobabs line the roads side, small and giant baobabs dotted the Vindhya hills and the plateau. Those beautiful trees were introduced to India by Arab traders and now used by the local tribes-people for their many medicinal properties. In the local market baobab fruits were available, I bought some and I bring them back to Italy. I plant the seeds at the end of January 2003 and in the middle of August 2003 a seed at long last sprout!!!! I read in your baobab page that the baby baobab looks different from the adult one. I guess how long I have to wait to see the bulbous-bottomed shape, peculiar of this tree. Thank You

baobab tree in India

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I am very interested in further information on your trip and in seeing the Baobab tree.
I would like to introduce myself as a researcher of the Genus Adansonia. This consists of compiling a comprehensive information and slide/photograph library on all aspects of th magnificent Baobab. This enables me to give voluntary talks on the Baobab, and their is no commercial aspect attached to my work. To enhance my talks I am always looking for new material, and I would like to inquire if you would have available slides of the Baobabs reference to the ones you mentioned in your posted message. In exchange I would be please to send you a copy of my work, The Genus Adansonia-covers all 8 species in detail. If you require further information I would be please to forward your requirement. I live in Cheltenham UK.

baobab tree in India

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Wrinkled Rocker

Way, way back, India and Africa were part of the same continent, as was Madagascar and Australia. With trees like the baobab that live for centuries, it doesnt surprise me that they grow all over the bits that are left of Gondwanaland.
I live in Africa south of the Tropic of Capricorn, but find myself up in the baobab belt often enough if you should need photographs of specimens. There are babies in the Pretoria Botanical Gardens too!

baobab tree in India

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Hi! I am a 34 years young, an Baobab enthusiast, and a buddy from India.

It was interesting to find from your mail that these trees are found in MANDU, in M.P.

This is further to confirm that these trees have also been found in Gujarat. I have been able to witness about 5 numbers in the last 3 years.

They have been found as under:
p.s. the names appearing in the pair of brackets refers to their local names being called in their locality.

1. Kutch, one Number, trunk diameter @ 5 Feets. ( Kamalpati Vruksh)
2. Bhavnagar, One Number, ___________________. (Rukhdo)
3. Baroda, Four Numbers, trunk Diameter @ 6.5 Feets, (Ghelo).

I have been studying the plant's seasonal behaviour, since the last few months, at Vadodara. It is to say that at this time of the year the flowers have started withering and the small sized fruits have also started appearing. However all this four trees growing around Baroda have been noticed of being lagging around from each other in terms of flowering, fruits. etc.

I feel also sorry to inform that one of the Tree has been felled down by the NATURE, due to heavy seasonal rains this year. However, it is surprising to note that though the tree is being uprooted with @ 90% of the roots exposed to the atmosphere, the tree has continued it's life.
Further from one of its cut-down branches I have also noticed the presence of the Annular Rings. So it might be quite possible that the Annular Rings also do appear in the Trunk part. However the Carbon Dating is the Only safest way to determine the Age.smiley - cheerup

I look forward for the fruits to Ripen, so that atleast this year I would be able to sow some of the seeds. Will Let you all know about the results later on, if positive.smiley - ok

In the meanwhile you can share your experiences of the same.

Till then I wait for the different experiences on the web.

Bye, to you and smiley - tea for me.!

baobab tree in India

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I am from India, I have two fruits full of seeds with me and I am experimenting with some of them. I sowed 6 in a pot with soil and vermi compost, they have sprouted in 5 days and I am waiting to see some leaves.
I had scratched the seeds with a small file and kept in a bowl of warm water (which of course did not remain warm after 1 hour) for 24 hours. This scratching is very much necessary as the water cannot go inside the hard cover otherwise (confirmed with non scratched seeds). After 24 hours the seeds were swollen to almost double the original size. I sowed them and they are sprouted now in 4-5 days time. I am not exactly sure what type of Baobab it is (out of 8 species found worldwide). May be looking at the leaves I might be able to find out.......
Very important: Do not water a lot to the seeds once sowed as they will decay otherwise (confirmed this too) smiley - smiley, may be few drops of water per seed every 2 days or so is enough. smiley - ok

baobab tree in India

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Dear Sandip

This is A S Reddy from Sardar Patel University, Vallabh Vidyanagar; very glad to find your information on baobab in Gujarat especially four trees in Vadodara.

Indeed we recorded around 100 baobab trees and lot of information from different localities in Gujarat. I have personally seen one such tree in Vadodara. I shall be happy to know the localities of all the four trres in Vadodara.

With regards.

baobab tree in India

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Dear Spushankar!!!

- This is Sandip again!
- I sowed some 10 seeds of the Baobab tree fruit, after soaking them overnight in warm water, and got some 50 % Results.
- Today i have 5 Numbers of Baobab tree growing in my yard.
- Regarding watering - for the tropical climate like India, I did not observe and problem of Watering them throughout the year. They have been moderately watered. Since last 15 days, as per the seasonal change, fresh leaves have developed. - So they behave exactly as what is seen in the Nature.
- Regarding Trees around Baroda, I located some 5 of them there.
- I have been Shifted to Bhavnagar, and here in and around Bhavnagar I have observed good numbers of Developed Baabab Trees. Somewhere about 20 Numbers. about 10 of them fully developed. - around 200 - 300 Years. (Believed from the Nearby Residents).
- I would be pleased to know the Complete details, if you have on the baobab Tree and would be free to interact on the Said Subject.
- you may contact on 9925210185.
- Thanks.
Regards from Ramanuj Sandip
Bye Bye.

baobab tree in India

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Dear Rajiv Telang.

What was the outcome of your work on planting Baobab Tree Seeds.
- Eager to know about it.


baobab tree in India

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Hi Ramanuj Sandip,

I just read your post about Baobab trees. I am a bonsai enthusiast. Where can I get Baobab seeds?
are you using the same number 9925210185? plz suggest some convenient time so that I can call you up?

Best Regards,

baobab tree in India

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Hi there, I googled the baobab tree today to find more about it, and which lead me here. I am doing some reserch on the baobab oil. And I love to have some pics of it, the trees, the fruits and the seeds.Please contact me if you have any, which would be really helpful. Many thanks.

baobab tree in India

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In my home town in India in Gujarat, Kutch, Gamm GODPAR there are two baobab trees, villagers they say that they are he and she tree.
people in the sorrounding villages belive the tree have healing powers.The girth of these trees roundabout over thirty feet.

baobab tree in India

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I live in England and in 2004 I visited my home town in India Gamm Godpar and i picked up a complete Baobab pod which I have not opened, if i breake it open and plant the seeds will they grow? if so how do I go about growing it, how often to water all the details

baobab tree in India

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I would like to know what medicine comes from Baobab Tree or Baobab fruit, if you can help me further to find the composition etc

baobab tree in India

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Halo there Rajiv,

This Raj from coimbatore, Tamilnadu.
I am palnning to plant at least 50 Baobab trees saplings in my farm. could you please let me know where i can buy baobab seeds?

Would appreciate your early reply.



baobab tree in India

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Unfortuantely Rajiv hasn't posted since 2006, so it's unlikely he will respond.

Welcome to the site, by the way. I hope you can find something interesting here for you.



smiley - fairy

baobab tree in India

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Hi,I too a baobab enthusiast. would like to know how tall the Baobag trees with you have grown so far. do you know the methods to grow a Bansai menthos especially for baobab tree. Kindly share more ideas about Baobabtree for it's cultivations.

Gorukhbhumismiley - smiley

baobab tree in India

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Hello baobab lovers
I got addresses of A.gibbosa A.Digitata A.gregorii
but didnt got addresses of remaining,the above all are white coloured
if you know addresses/places in india which have yellow,orange,red,...
of above/any other variety please inform in this posts and in http://zbnf.weebly.com/letter31223143309431223137.html

baobab tree in India

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Can any one help me to get few Baobab fruits.? am writing a technical paper on baobab.

Thank you for your help.

Thank you.

baobab tree in India

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I'm not sure if there are people subscribed to this conversation and still active on the site. smiley - erm
You might want to try asking your question in Askh2g2 ( http://h2g2.com/forums/A148907 ), where a lot of people are active.
You would probably have a better chance of an answer there.
smiley - ok

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