A Conversation for James Bond - The Fate of the Other Double 0s

Bond... James Bond....

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Fashion Cat

Some dull uninteresting Bond Trivia for you....

In the books, Bond was expelled from Eton (can't remeber why now) and went to Fettes College, Edinburgh (my old school... there was a plaque somewhere in the building saying this, but I couldn't find it in my seven years there.... and I DID look!)

Sean Connery used to deliver milk to Fettes before he became big in the movies.

Ah well, most of you probably knew that anyway!

smiley - winkeye

Bond... James Bond....

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Demon Drawer

Wow!!! Talk about 6 degrees of seperation and life imatating art. smiley - smiley

Bond... James Bond....

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Fashion Cat


Bond -> Sean Connery -> Fettes -> Bond...

3 degrees!!!

now thats a good thing to get people talking.... from one person to another in so many goes.... I've got a file on that somewhere...

*goes off puzzling to see if someone else on h2g2's already beaten her to it*

smiley - smiley

Bond... James Bond....

Post 4

Demon Drawer

Any luck. OK but if I'd said three you wouldn't have got the link.

Bond... James Bond....

Post 5

Fashion Cat

true... no. cant find that file anywhere... D**m, blast... hmm... wonder if Simon has it...

*wonders off in a diffferent direction*

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