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The World Is Not Enough also (possibly) featured the first female double O's. Near the beginning, the injured Bond storms in, angry at being excluded from the mission briefing. At least one woman is present and she's clearly not there as a secretary.

Come to think of it, a female double O would make a great offsider in the next Bond pic. smiley - smiley

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I'm with you there Mustapha!
Might be a nice twist though, of course, Bond has erm, teamed up with many female agents before.

I'd like to see him team up with a few 00's (male or female) that don't end up bad guys. Be interesting to explore the whole nature of the 00's relationship with each other - and if they are all loners who don't like the company all the better - a bit of dramatic tension etc.

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You're right and it would be hard to top Wai Lin from Tomorrow Never Dies. But a suitable fit and athletic British or Australasian actress could pull it off - I'm thinking Catherine Zeta-Jones? I wonder if Tania Zaetta has done any acting?

How about a Bond protégé (or indeed, protégée)? Possibly even room for a Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader storyline in there.

Try this for an opening sequence:

A black-clad, fully-armed paratrooper floats down towards a convoy of army trucks. The para's face is obscured by a HALO helmet.

Bond's voice is heard on commlink: "Bond to HQ. We have visual on target."

The trooper lands on top of the back, and calmly, methodically, proceeds to take out truck one by one, using a combination of stun grenades, suppressed smgs, and the occasional fisticuff.

All the while Bond is heard on commlink reporting back to HQ each vehicle neutralised.

The trooper jumps over to the final vehicle, but nearing the front a 300 lb gorilla of a man climbs on top. The para takes the soldier apart with a dazzling display of the art of jiujitsu.

Shot of the driver inside the cab. He sees his mate's hand tap on the windscreen, he grins broadly and stops the truck.

He gets out and looks around for his comrade. A tap on the shoulder from behind and BAM! Right cross, and he goes down with one punch.

Bond on commlink: "Bond to HQ. Target convoy has been neutralised. 100% efficiency."

HQ: "Excellent, 007, I think it's time for you both to come home."

Bond: "I completely agree. 008?"

The paratrooper removes the helmet, revealing the face of Miss CZ-J. She shakes out her long hair and says "Yes, James?"

(Meanwhile, 'unconscious' and 'deaded' soliders start pulling themselves painfully off the ground.)

Bond (now visible a mile or so away from the action, watching with binoculars, as well as M and other officials): "Good job on the training exercise. I think we can safely say your double O status is approved. Now what do you say to dinner at the Savoy?"

008: "Why, James! Is there part of the qualifying test I wasn't told about?"

Bond: "Strictly a routine 'mission debriefing'."


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Tania Zaetta has done a little acting here and there, and was going to be one of the lead actors in a new Baywatch series set entirely in Australia. (Not the greatest thing to have on your resume eh?)

She'd have the atleticism for an agent/bond girl (I read that she's into kick boxing in a big way) but as for acting ability well.....

But then... this IS a bond film we're talking about. No one's allowed to act better than 007 or the villian. Wouldn't be right somehow smiley - winkeye.

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Speaking of Aussie, ahem, 'actors', didja spot former Aussie Gladiator Vulcan in TWINE?

So they weren't all thrown out on the steroidal scrap heap...

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Don't know TWINE. Barely followed Gladiators. I was living 'out bush' (in the Queensland outback) when the program was on. I think I was one of the lucky ones smiley - winkeye.

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TWINE = The World Is Not Enough?

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Who'se Vulcan in TWINE?

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TWINE? Good grief.
And I agree with Gaurav - where was Vulcan? If Denise Richards was in the shot as well I may have been a little distracted.smiley - winkeye

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If Denise Richards was in the shot, she was probably a bit 'distracted' too... (Oooh, I'm *such* a bitch!)

The Australian Gladiator Formerly Known As Vulcan (TAGFKAV) played the part of Elektra's surly bodyguard.

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smiley - book

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