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The Danish alphabeth

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This researcher must report, that Denmark isn't the only country with these strange letters in their alpabeth.
Another Scandinavian country also got the same ones, this is Denmarks overseas neighbour Norway.
Norway and Denmarks languages are practically the same.

The Danish alphabet

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I would modify how the author recommends English speakers pronounce the letter œ The sound is rather similar to the vowel in BBC English for the words "turn" or "burn". (Scots pronounce all the letters, but Southern Englishmen elide the ur into a œ sound).

The Danish alphabet

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Demon Drawer

Hi Humbug welcome to the Guide how about putting something on your homepage so I can pay you a visit. smiley - smiley

The Danish alphabeth

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Researcher 134055

The Norwegian and the Danish alphabet are identical, that is correct.
Apparently Spacewang never paid a visit to Norway, or may be he was clever enough not to reveal his opinion about the languages being identical.
In Norway language is a serious matter, and you could get killed or at least severely beaten up if you suggested that Norwegian is the same language as Danish.
Actually there is no such thing as a Norwegian language at all, just a more or less well defined set of dialects. They can't even agree on how to spell the name of the country (Norge/Noreg)! Some dialects are understood by most Danes, I admit, but a few of them are hardly understood by Norwegians living outside the area in which they are spoken!

The Danish alphabeth

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The reason for the norweigan verbal "disgust" against danish is that Denmark used to rule Norway, as a part of the kingdom. The danes were quite happy for this - the norweigans were not. This rule was uphold for 400 years, in which the danish language had a rather big influence on the other nordic language. Nowadays, the norweigan has invented a new language called "Nynorsk" (meaning "New norweigan") to make a difference.

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