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Generally correct, but not a lot of detail

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OK, here goes. My first shot at a comment here (:
You've missed a lot of important details. Some facts and tidbits:
1) Much like sports cards, these cards can often increase in value dramaticly, which means that many people collect them solely for their monetary value. For example, a Beta edition Magic, the Gathering "Black Lotus" once cost a few dollars, and now is valued at well over 300$. Compared to baseball cards, for example, that's a pretty impressive rise in value over an 8 year period.
2) Boosters are 8-18 cards (Some M:TG boosters are 8 cards each). Another common way to get new cards is to purchase "Starters", usually containing anywhere from 40 to 75 cards. In most cases, it is impossible to start playing a TCG without getting a starter- You lack Lands, Energy, or whatever form of payment for cards the game requires
3) TCGs have become more than just a hobby- There are proffessional tourneys with prizes ranging from a foil card to over 10,000$. People can actually make a living by playing these TCGs.
4) Some TCGs have created an uproar in certain communities. For example, the Pokemon TCG is banned in Saudi Arabia because it's a form of gambling (playing for ante) and egypt (Local religious leaders claim that "Pikachu" is intended to mean "Be a Jew"). Some schools have banned Magic, the Gathering cards because they are "Demonic" and might lead teens (or even preteens) to join assorted cults.
5) TCGs no longer require the actual cards to play- Nowadays, many TCGs have moved online. Using programs like apprentice ([link removed by moderator]), players can play these games without having to spend money on the actual cards. Of course, this takes the fun out of collecting them if you were solely interested in the gaming aspect of the TCG.
6) Another common way to get more cards for your TCG collection is Drafting. You "Draft" cards, much like in professional sports- a pack is opened, and each player, in order, chooses one card from it. After a certain amount of boosters are opened in this manner (after each booster, you switch the drafting order), it is normal to play a short tournament with the cards you drafted, with the winner getting either a cash or card prize.
7) While some TCGs have been running for several years, and picking up more and more players with time, some are based on current crazes. A good example of this would be the Pokemon TCG, which sold more product than any other TCG in 2000, but is now being sold on the "clearance" shelf.
Yours v. Truly
Grim13 AKA Or Shoham
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Generally correct, but not a lot of detail

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