A Conversation for Snowball Fights

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Thank God somebody finally took the time and effort to write up these rules. I salute you.

Snowball Fight Rules??????

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No, no, no! You simply cannot have RULES in a snowball fight. Common sense excludes rocks and ice in the middle of a missile, but formal rules. No way. A snowball fight should be totally anarchic, anyone daft enough to build a fort, and some do, becomes a common target. 15 in a fight....far better with 500, or the whole damn school. Teams: teams should exist only long enough for you to sneak a back of the head shot at your best mate 5 yards away ( or even better to post him a neckful down the shirt. By all means PRETEND to be a team player, but be sure to abandon it as soon as the chance to score a good hit comes around. Pretend it wasn't you, but get ready to run if someone grasses on you. Be not afraid to throw someone into the snow either, as long as snow and persons have an unexpected coming together, it matters not which waw thrown. The fight should evolve, tactics change by the moment, teachers, trees, passing cyclists and stray dogs are all targets too. You cannot contain a snow fight in a prescribed area. World Championship? Not if rules are involved.



Snowball Fight Rules??????

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I agree. Snowballing comes under the general heading of "horseplay".

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