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Snowball Fights

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You speak of snowball fights with 10 or 15 people...HA!
I live in the USA, I'm a military historian. Can you imagine a snowball fight with a few thousand people organized into actual units and armies with set battle plans? During the American Civil War 1861-65) the armies in the winter would suspend most major combat with their enemies. Bordom was a constant enemy instead. To solve this problem the soldiers would have mock-battles in the snow with entire regiments and brigades in formation lobbing snowballs at eachother. These battles eventually evolved into very complex scenarios with officers leading the opposing sides- as the went on the men started putting rocks and solid pieces of ice in their snowballs, so it was not uncommon for men to be seriously injured in just a simple snowball fight! Some of these fights would actually involve as many as eight thousand men. Their are also accounts of the actual enemy being involved in them. Since combat was suspended for winter, Confederate and Union forces would occasionaly oppose eachother- not with their muskets, but with snowballs, they would often embrace eachother as good friends in the snow ball fights- but then be forced to kill eachother only a few short weeks later.

Snowball Fights

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Where did you find information like that? If you know where, I would be fascinated into looking more into that. Why might I ask for it? Well, that's because I'm researching on snowball fighting. I'm still debating on what to do for my 4th year major in Industrial Design. Right now I'm looking at Winter Cycling, but I would really like to look into Snowball fighting and hope to produce maybe some snowball fighting equipment at the end of my major project. I need to find data about snowball fighting for my proposal: "improving the experience of snowball fighting." Any information you can give me or direct me to would help a lot. Thank you.


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