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The New Zealand Parliament,(while debating licencing laws)decreed that a Pie is considered to be a substancial meal.

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Are you sure it wasn't while debating lunch? smiley - biggrin

I'm surprised hundreds of MPs dating back to the time of Fraser hadn't already come to that conclusion. smiley - winkeye

But seriously, that seems to be the tenor of the alcohol debate at the moment. In fact, this week I wrote these two stories on the subject:

Taranaki bars will be telling people to Get Stuffed over the next few months. Get Stuffed is a new health campaign, encouraging bar patrons to eat. Eating helps to reduce the absorption of alcohol into the blood stream. Felicity Neilsen from Taranaki Health's Health Promotion Unit outlined the campaign on Wednesday in a presentation to the Community & Public Health Advisory Committee. Ms Neilsen says the campaign is going to be run Taranaki wide including Bell Block, Waitara and Patea. She says nationwide more than 80 percent of New Zealanders over the age of 18 drink, and of that number one in five will develop an alcohol abuse problem.

And Taranaki Health intends to lead by example on the issue and to that end is working on a Host Responsibility Policy. The policy would ensure that alcohol is served responsibly at any functions associated with Taranaki Health. The policy will recommend that there should be substantial food available such as bread with dipping sauces, cheeseboards and crackers and seafood. It also suggests providing non-alcoholic drinks, safe transport and discouraging intoxication.

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Sea Change

In California there is an institution called a brewpub, in which a business is allowed to sell their own privately brewed beer, normally a no-no in most of the USofA. One of the absolute requirements is that a brewpub must serve food.

Not only has it turned out to make some good beer more generally available, the food does seem to have a positive effect.

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Or vice versa. smiley - cheers

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