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NZ Pies are the best

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Did you know that under New Zealand regulations, a meat pie must contain at least 70 % meat, and so it should. (Australians however are eating meat pies with a minimum content of only 25 % meat.)

NZ Pies are the best

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King Domhnal

And of all the NZ pies, none are better than Steak & Cheese. With lovely, tender, juicy chunks of the finest beef steak, with good, thick gravy, and just the right amount of creamy cheese, these pies were the food of choice for generations of kiwi pub-crawlers, until the recent proliferation of Turkish Kebab houses usurped that prized position in society. With their chorus of, "You want onion, my friend?", kebab merchants look set to keep the business of Saturday night drunkards. For breakfast, though, the humble Steak & Cheese still reigns supreme.

NZ Pies are the best

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I've yet to enjoy the pleasures of the breakfast pie, not much of a breakfast person really.

Mind you, I am especially fond of the dinner pie, and to that end my freezer is constantly stocked with an adequate supply of frozen Irvine's pies, chips and peas. A good dash of Cerebos' Tomato Sauce with Garlic + Pepper and I'm just about set for the night.

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