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Oblivion- a fan fic

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So, I'm writing my own fan fic Stevenson's famous tale "Jekyll & Hyde". As my ideas have run out, I´m prologue here. I hope you will read it and write back to me.



“I am going to ask this only one more time; open this door and let us in!”

That is what I heard him shouting behind the door. I knew he and Poole would have something to break the door. Running would be useless. Where would I go? Entire London knows that I am wanted for murder. But also the idea that I would have to face court just so that they could hang me is also too much. So I look a little bottle in my hands. I don’t want to do it, but what other choice do I have? One last time I try to beg mercy.

“Utterson, in Gods name, have pity!” I shrieked.

Now I heard how they were breaking the door. My hand is trembling so that I’m afraid that bottle may fall and crash. I raised it to my lips and drink it.

I knew that poison would effect soon, but it still surprised me. I would have probably screamed, if pain would not have become so familiar to me during past months. I can’t anymore see clearly, the blessed darkness is taking me. Soon there will be no more pain.

The door is now open. I can just barley see Gabriel’s feet’s when he comes in. Oh, how I would love to see Mary’s feet’s again. It is said that at the moment of death your entire life flashes in your mind. In a way it is true. When you die you think about your life.

My name is Henry James Jekyll and this is my story.

Well, should I continue. If I dont get replies i take it no-one is intrested.

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Oblivion- a fan fic

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