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pie'o pah

It might be worth looking into the Hawaiian perspective on why they attacked him. I'm not saying that it was right, from the Hawaiian accounts it was considered that he had overstayed his welcome and was making some rather unnecessary demands on the local economy at the time. Hawaiians have the spirit of Aloha and giving, but you have to give something back, as well. And I'm not talking about the common cold either.


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Gedge :-)

Cooks arrival was referenced in Hawiian mythology, the arrival of a great canoe on which Orono, the God of abundance would come,
was thought to be Cooks ship the Resolution, especially as it arrived exactly at the time the preists predicted. He was therefore treated as a god. When he left some days later, Cook found that he had to return for repairs, the problem being their god was not meant to come back so soon. The natives then turned on Cook for not being Orono. Part of Cooks remains were buried at Kealakekua Bay on 22nd February 1779.

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