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I remember watching an Equinox or Horizon programme about this a few years ago. The scientist investigating concluded that the blast was caused by a comet and not a meteorite as there wasn't any alien rock to be found at the site. The difference between the two, as well you know, that a comet is made from ice while a meteorite is made from rock. He also concluded that the comet crashed at an angle of about 30 degrees resulting in a V-shaped burn mark.


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The theory is that the comet exploded above the ground, ratehr than actually hitting the ground- this would explain the trees near groound zero still standing but being stripped of their branches.

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Carl Sagan's Cosmos highlights this theory in Part 4 of the series, and I don't remember where in the book.

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I also recall the programme. It certainly makes more sense than the nuclear powered flying saucer theory; even with 1950s technology, it's fairly difficult to get 'instant sunrise' with a reactor core.

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