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that's a bit of an arse-about tits way of getting to the maltings from waverly station.

if, for some reason, you'd want to walk the 15+ minute walk from waverly station to this average establishment then you are better off continuing from north bridge to south bridge, nicholson st, south clerk st etc until you reach the odeon cinema. once the odeon is reached pay attention... continue along until you reach mamaris kebab house. then cross the street (unless you are already on the opposite side of the street to marmaris) and take a left down whatever street happens to e there. i can't quite remember. at the end of this street take a right. you are at the maltings having avoided a tiresome hill climb to which the previous durections would have taken you.

a better plan, still, would be from waverly station do the 5 min walk to rose st (behind princes st) and drink in any of the millions of pubs you find there. something for all tastes i feel.

i live on st leonards st so i pretty much know that the maltings isn't really up to much. it sticks in my mind for containing the saddest, most defected looking dog i've ever seen, as well as some distinctly "are you local?" type clientele. ah well...

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The majority of the punters tend to keep themselves to themselves. However there are a few who tend to be rather territorial to put it politely.

During term time it does attract a few students who have failed to realise that there is a cheaper bar only a short five minute walk on up St Leonard's St opposite the Leisure Centre.

Maltings is a nice bar with wonderful staff, a pool table, music etc... Just avoid the rather 'Edinburgh for those born in Edinburgh locals' which at times verges on racism.

Speaking from personal experience.

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