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Researcher 206609

Man, I live in canberra, and i am telling u, it is not worth this much space on the h2g2 website.

if u come to aussie (best country in the world etc.), go to Newcastle instead of canberra. trust me.


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My friend's daughter was a doctor at the hospital in Newcastle but she and her husband have moved to Queensland now. BTW 206609 how about a name and an intro on your 'Space' would not go amiss.

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I lived in Canberra from age 10 to after Uni at 22 or so, before coming to the UK.

I think the article gives a good history, and manages to cover the lack of things to do (a perennial problem when the grandchildren visit my parents). We've been to Tidbinbilla many times...

It's a place to live, but not much more. I hate to think what my school-friends are doing these days.


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darakat - Now with pockets!

Well I am still living canberra... what about Gininderra? Good thing I don't live there as it doesnot exist acording to this guide.
Oh come on, we are the bloody capital after all, and we have a very interesting if not some what boring history and yeah the only 3 pubs porblem kindof gets on your nerves.
However there is one thing you should notice about Canberra and that is there are no posters anyware. You not allowed to post bills exept in offical areas. It is however something you don't notice until you leve.
And in my 19 years here have only ever seen 1 polaticion, I don't know why people complain about them being here. There here for a maximum of 6 months a year and even then they never go outdoors. Why complain?


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darakat - Now with pockets!

sorry I ment Gungahlin, all these damm fancy names get mixed up...

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