A Conversation for Dr Josef Mengele - the Angel of Death

Pictures found (2006)of Mengele in album .

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At Dutch TV is shown an photo album of 140 pictures, taken outside the Camp Auschwitz where more than a million Jews and others have been gassed between 1940 and 1945.
The album was found last year and is taken care of by the holocaust museum and one can see the whole content on line.

The most shocking for me is my experience that I see just old and bold men who are having a chatt, go hunting and drink a beer. Completely normal, while they runned a hell above all imagination. Outside the camp they went on with their conventional life as before the genocide/war/killing.

We, all humans have potentials in the black area of life. It's not just "they", in the past, but "us", the human race, all over the world.


In total there are about 140 pictures.
See the menu at the right, almost at the bottom, where you can click at " + " to see another 20 pictures.

Pictures found (2006)of Mengele in album .

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In the afternoon, today, I felt the same bugging irritation as the journalist who wrote about that photoalbum in our national newspaper.

"I do not see the slightest emotion of shame or any guilt. Not the slightest"

Evil at its best; totally hidden in their minds/hearts, behind a culture of extreme bureaucracy.

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Pictures found (2006)of Mengele in album .

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