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Auschwitz trial 1963 at TV

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Today, it is the second of october 2006.

Tonight there is at BBC a chapter of the series of the Nuremburg trial and at Belgium 2 ,one can see the Auschwitz tribunal what
happened in 1963.
Of course they showed previews, while I did not want to see anything at all.

There is something, that really buggs me; I saw the men in charge in former Auschwitz 1940-1945 in court in the preview.
Old and bold, one of them smiles. The other ones are looking around as if they are waiting for a theatre performance.

I don't see devils, hysterical turnings of eyes, tears, madmen that
shout like a dog that's been hit by a car.
I don't see aggression.
I don't see evil.
I don't see remorse.
I don’t see any anger.
I don’t see any emotion at all.

I just see, what I see every day, all year around me; dull men, in gray clothes.

So what really bugs me, is that they don’t differ at all from me.
They were/are just as human as I am.
No difference at all, except the unicity of every person.

They just sit there.

Now I know what really bugs me; they were fully in charge in a killing fabric for Jews and many others,
And – I fear – they did not want to experience in those days, that they were serial killers, in the largest scale ever.

At the most, they might have felt during wartime, that they had bureaucratic orders to do a very tough job. A dirty job one would not think of in the first place as a career.

Like Eichman once said; “By me, not even óne train ever arrived too late”.

Hiding in bureacracy and becoming a clone of orders at paper.

Visibly, I cannot pinpoint them at anything at all.
They “just” did what they had to do and behaved like robots.

I don’t see foam on their faces, because they belong to the same human family as I do, as we do.

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Auschwitz trial 1963 at TV

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