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The Powers the Be have problems...

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...tying up loose ends in their scripts.

For one thing, they've never explained, never mind adequately, how Gabrielle survived Dahak's bard-b-q pit, much less got OUT of it (end of season three, ep. Sacrifice, pt. 2). I've read both good and bad fan fictions trying to explain it with anything from Cupid saving her to a strong updraft depositing her on a small outcropping whereupon she'd have to climb up and out, as weak and tired as she was. The most used idea, I've used it myself, is to say that Gabrielle doesn't remember how she got out, but she is and she's grateful to be back in Xena's arms.

Another plot point I don't think was properly dealt with was the chakram heard 'round the Xenaverse (fifth season, ep. Motherhood.) Xena saw her best friend, Gabrielle, with her sai ready to strike her daughter Eve / Livia and, not knowing the Furies were driving the bard nuts, threw her chakram (the round killing thing) and hit the woman smack dab on the back of her head, nearly killing her. How did TPTB wrap that one up? "Sorry Gabs...'bout that chakram thing." "Oh don't worry, Xena...it's only a flesh wound." "No it isn't. Yer scalp's off." (okay, so I reworded Monty Python's Black Knight and King Arthur a little...I think you get my drift.) smiley - winkeye

Also seemingly forgotten, except in rare spurts, is Gabrielle's talent as a bard. Without her recording their adventures, there would be no Xena today (according to the second season Uber-episode The Xena Scrolls.)

However, even the fans have grown accustomed to not having the show they watch explain storylines and plotholes. The fans do it themselves, either calling the plot mishap a YAXI (Yet Another Xena Inconsistency) or they write the explanation themselves in fan fictions, which can be found all over the Net. [link removed by moderator] is the Ultimate Fan Fiction Directory. While it's down at the moment (14 May, 2001), it's the best index of the available stories and websites hosting them. It'll remain open as long as there's Xena fan fiction to be read. Another good site (that's open) is MaryD's Australian Xena Information Page - [link removed by moderator]. She plays host for a large number of fictions.

All the mistakes make me wonder if TPTB really pay attention to the show they produce...or if they do it just to keep the fans on their toes...

The Powers the Be have problems...

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Mr Prophet (General Purpose Genre Guru)

Always remember that external URLs don't come out in conversation threads. Also, I know from personal experience in writing my article on fan fiction (http://www.bbc.co.uk/h2g2/guide/A577604) that links to fanfic sites tend to get moderated away; it's the slash I guess.

On one Herc/Xena fanfic site, there was what can only be described as the uber-ironout fan fiction, in which Xena decapitates Gabrielle on the basis that if she lives, she'll almost certainly just get possessed and try to kill everyone again next week.

Mind you, the Chackram itself is a pretty flexible weapon, apparently having more settings than a Star Trek phaser (slices ropes, shatters stone, yet doesn't leave a mark or a cause a gout of blood if it hits goon #3 in the face).

The Prophet

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