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Whilst wearing those long, cool floaty clothes in hot countries, pop some cinnamon essential oil on your cuffs and ankle cuffs. This prevents any insects from trying to explore inside your clothes.

In this country, citronella can work, but it doesn't smell very pleasant. Having incense burning, puts off a lot of flies etc, but you have to keep it going. However the incense will slow down wasps and make them a lot more placid and easier to remove, I find that wasps turn around once they get to my window, I do burn a lot of incense on my window-sill though! There are several body sprays around, without chemicals that will compromise your immune system. Bugs Away is a good one, is you can find it.


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I was getting bitten all over by mosquitoes until recently when I found incognito anti-mosquito. Although it contains citronella, I quite like the smell as it reminds me of holidays. I will try the citronella incense sticks as well as putting citronella on my shirt cuffs. Whatever it takes!


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I'll remember that when I go on holiday at the end of this month. Cinnamon, citronella... I'll give anything a go to keep the bugs away!

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