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Düsseldorf - getting to the centre fm airport

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Sho - employed again!

As of last week (about 25th May) the zippy new station (bahnhof) at the airport opened for business. Featuring high speed links from the Ruhr, a check-in desk, and not really much else. You can, at least, check in (bags included) and then walk (!) to the appropriate terminal. It will get better, although it remains to be seen what delays and problems will be caused by the fact that the timetable is a bit of a tight squeeze. But, bless 'em, they're trying.

Düsseldorf - getting to the centre fm airport

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Global Village Idiot

Thanks, Sho - that's exactly the advantage this guide has over the old printed ones, it can include this kind of information in near real-time!

Düsseldorf - getting to the centre fm airport

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Sho - employed again!

Although..... I was there in person yesterday, and it still looks like a building site. I haven't heard from anyone who has used the rail link yet..... and I only know one other person who knew about it!! Perhaps they should start heavily advertising their h2g2 guide entry smiley - winkeye

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