A Conversation for Octopuses - A Guide

Disappearing octopus

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Metal Chicken

That video showcases their camouflage ability incredibly well! The sudden appearance of the creature in its normal colours took me completely by surprise - even on the 5th time of watching the video I had trouble picking out a complete outline of the colour-shifted octopus. Then that eerily near-human eye looking out at the camera... smiley - weird
Fascinating stuff Gnomon smiley - ok

Disappearing octopus

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Gnomon - time to move on

I think that the octopus can actually change the shape of its skin to match the coral reef as well, although I'm not sure, so I didn't mention it in the entry.

Disappearing octopus

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Great entry! smiley - smiley
I like those <> animals, they’re cute. smiley - smooch
The video of the octopus turning blue (or is it turquoise?) is fascinating. I’ve watched it several times, but I still have problems to find the octopus before it changes its color. smiley - bigeyes

smiley - blackcat

Disappearing octopus

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Great article, one of my favourite animals. I'm no expert but I have seen documentary footage on TV of octupus changing the texture of their skin to reflect the background of what they're hiding in and (I believe) to communicate to other octopus too.

Disappearing octopus

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Janet J

I like them too, especially lightly fried in oil and butter with plently of parsley and black pepper.smiley - tongueout

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