A Conversation for Gandhi - Pacifist and Political Activist - an Overview

his legacy

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wonko the sane

i cant decide what you're attitude towards Gandhi is - tolerant amusement, or playful admiration.but there's one thing you must understand about Gandhi, he wasnt directly responsible for India's independence, we would have got that anyway.but he showed us how we could do it without a bloody revolution or hatred for our subjugators.that was his legacy and why we chose to call him 'mahatma' or 'the great soul'

his legacy

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Zach Garland

My attitude towards Gandhi. Is it tolerant amusement or playful admiration? I'd have to answer yes, but that's just part of it. Genuine awe is a part of it. And a thousand other things my humble talent with words couldn't hope to describe. That which Gandhi aspired to be, and that which he was, is a slice in every human heart. Everyone has the capacity to believe bloodshed is futile, just as every human mind has the ability to believe under certain circumstances bloodshed is tolerable, or even noble. Gandhi acted on his belief in a way few men could.

I guess my attitude towards Gandhi is my attitude towards all of humanity. And it changes. Ask George Carlin how he feels about Gandhi. You won't learn anything, but I bet his answer will be funnier.

A request.

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A man of M.K.Gandhi's stature and importance deserves a well researched article. I'd be glad to edit this one with more information (well researched, of course) if you'd let me. So, how about it?

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