A Conversation for Gandhi - Pacifist and Political Activist - an Overview

The article lacks the depth of the MAHATMA

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The article, as structured by the author, says a lot about the incomplete knowledge about that great man. The people in the west do not know a lot about the man and the Ideology propogated by him.

His was a figure which cannot be bound in the realms of Politics, socio-religious concerns or even theology.

When you try to push a large piece of paper in a very small box or pocket, what you are left with is a crumpled sheet totally distorted out of shape. this article reminds me of such a piece of paper.

The article lacks the depth of the MAHATMA

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Hi my names Flora,
I'm doing about Mahatma Gandhi for my A level philosophy project and it sounds like you might know a lot of legitimate information about him?
Please reply if you're interested in helping me out

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The article lacks the depth of the MAHATMA

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